Wednesday, August 18, 2010


With Medora being such a small town, the chosen methods of transportation for those who live here tend to be quite interesting. As I sit outside the Badlands Pizza Parlor typing this blog, I have seen a horse drawn buggy go past three times, Lil' Smokey, the tour guide train, is parked just up the street outside the post office and the old three wheeled (2 in the back one in the front) really skinny truck thing with the steering wheel on the left side that maintenance uses to water flowers around town is parked next to the Chuck Wagon.

(carriage and maintenance thing)

As entertaining as those are, the prize goes to the golf cart parked across the street.

This beauty is brand new and owned by the Foundation and boy is this thing is customized. Not only does it have the Flintstones-esque woodgrain design, but the badlands are painted on the back and under the steering wheel, Theodore Roosevelt is painted on the sides, there are wild horses running out of a giant wave and Bully Pulpit (the golf course) is painted on the trunk between the painted on straps.

(Theodore Roosevelt on a horse)

There must be a design your own golf cart website, and I don't think it has an editor.

However, it is precisely these the over-the-top things that make Medora the fantastic, absurd, beautiful tourist destination that it is. Without these moments, it would be just another small town hiding in just about any national park.

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