Saturday, August 14, 2010

Featured Act 2: David Crowe

Stand up comedian David Crowe graced our presence from June 27 to July 23, joining in the Medora fun. He took the place of the Extreme Canine Stunt Dogs, and I hear the backstage crew and cast were more than happy to have silence backstage. 13 dogs can create quite the racket. For those of us in the audience, were were just happy to have one of Buffalo Dales jokes cut out due to the much shorter set up time.

We saw David's progression from his first show to his last one. His first show was his first night in North Dakota, which is a bit of a different place from Seattle. As he spent more time here, he added more jokes about North Dakota and Medora, all of which were spot on.

Something you should know about the Musical: Before the show, they heard 2 elk with giant antlers to the top of the hill behind the stage and bribe them to stay there with feed. It never ceases to amaze the guests. David had a fantastic joke about all the hunters (and hunter is a much better term than sportsman, because if hunting is a sport it's the only one where the other team has no idea they are playing) who sit there and twitch at the sight of those beautiful animals.

The Medora Musical is a family event, and the featured acts must follow suit. As you can imagine, David has plenty of material he can't use during the show, so he so kindly offered to do a club set for employees one night after the musical. I think we all had side aches for a few days afterwards. He had been in town for long enough to know exactly what goes down here, and he delivered a beautiful show that, for the most part, only a Medora employee could fully appreciate.

He's funny, check him out sometime:
Or youtube him.

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