Tuesday, August 31, 2010

goodbye, medora.

Well folks, the entire Institute has left ND. We had a great last hurrah (below), and are very happy to back in the lovely chicago.

Our last hurrah:
We knew from experience that 21st birthdays are not a big enough milestone to be announced during the portion of the musical where groups, anniversaries and birthdays are shared with audience. When Abby's 21st came around on august 21st, we used our inside connection of Theodore Rooselvelt (aka David Simmons) to inform the people in charge that the North Dakota Institute of Contemporary Art would be in the audience. We arrived on time, took our employee seats in upper level due the crowd of 2000 + and awaited our 15 seconds of fame. Here is a transcript of what procceeded:

"Also here with us the folks from North Dakota Institute of Contempor... (a lot of loud screaming!!!) ...I think that speaks for it's self."

That was a totally legitimizing moment for us. It felt good.

Thanks, TR!

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