Sunday, August 15, 2010

foundation fashion.

Half of this town is owned by the Theodore Rooselvelt Medora Foundation. There are about 300 employees that work for TRMF and we mostly dress the same. The housekeepers and the Rough Rider Hotel/Dining Room folk wear different uniforms, but for the most part, you can spot a foundation employee from miles away. Well, blocks anyway.

The first uniform we had was a blue checked button up, long or short sleeved, tucked into neat blue jeans with a black or brown belt and black or brown shoes, cowboy boots preferred. The shirts were unisex, meaning far too large for many of the females. We were also issued some nice "flair," colorful rectangular buttons asking if you've been to Bully Pulpit golf course, the Medora Musical or Theodore's Dining Room. And name tags, of course.

Next came the lovely red plaid snap front western shirts. These, thankfully, come in both women's and men's sizes and look so much better on everyone. And they more fully embrace our western town.

However, with the arrival of new shirts, the Rough Rider Gift Shop, which is higher end than the rest of the foundation gift shops, had to start wearing black pants in anticipation of the black skirts we would soon receive.

The day the black skirts did come was a sad one. Western? I think not. The silver concha belts, maybe, but the skirts were a bad idea. Even worse when Sarah left the foundation and I was the only person under about 50 wearing this this thing around town.

(sarah is missing her belt, fail)

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